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Hunting - Oilfield services firm benefits from US resurgence; order book doubles

November 2022

Investing in shares may lose you all or some of your money. Past performance is no indication of future performance. Some of the shares recommended here may be small company shares, which can be relatively illiquid and hard to trade and this makes such shares more risky than other investments.

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2022 has seen Europe face a very big deficit in gas supply as Russian supplies have been progressively reduced over the course of the past several months, culminating with Russia’s shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and leaving everyone facing a situation where a massive component of that supply is no longer there. This is what has been causing natural gas prices to spike to such unprecedented levels, squeezing the disposable income of Europeans as their energy bills forge higher.Russia is a top three oil producing country behind the US and Saudi Arabia and it is obvious to everyone that you need to replace the supply quickly backing Goldman Sachs’ claim that this is about to herald the start of a multi year “structural bul ...

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With small companies there is an above average degree of risk compared to buying blue chips. Please be aware that we have not assessed the suitability of any of these investments for you. The newsletter simply states a personal view and diarises the editor’s investment decisions. Please speak to your stockbroker or other qualified individual to ascertain whether any of these companies mentioned would form useful additions to your own portfolios. Past performance is no indication of future success.

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