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Welcome to the Equitylink website

When Equitylink was started in 1993, it was a pioneer in its field of publishing research on small and medium sized companies in the UK. It remains an entirely independent organisation and is not tied to any stock broker, bank or any other financial institution.

Drawing on the resources and expertise we have assembled over the years means that today Equitylink's newsletters are among the leading sources of investment analysis on small and medium sized quoted companies in the UK. We have established effective contacts with many leading stock brokers, professional advisors and small company management.

Most other newsletter rehash press releases, whereas we personally visit more than 200 small quoted companies each year, which form the basis for our company profiles.

Our Two Newsletters

The Momentum Investor (TMI)

The Momentum Investor is our most recent title and was launched in 1998. The methods it uses to unearth stockmarket stars applies equally well to FTSE-100 stocks and small company shares and works even in uncertain markets. Unlike most newsletters, we don't waste our time and yours watching the defectives - those poor stocks which look dirt cheap but never seem to go anywhere.

At TMI, our distinct focus is relative strength i.e. is the share performing better than the overall market?

We enjoy helping people make the best of their financial lives and we hope you'll find our publications useful and enjoyable too!


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Small Company Sharewatch (SCSW)


Small Company Sharewatch, launched in 1993, is a stock market newsletter which concentrates on small, dynamic growth shares. The most persuasive reason for subscribing is the performance of our selections. The basic technique is simple - to search for "something new" that will trigger a rerating, whether it be a product, an acquisition, an event or a change in management.

SCSW is now print and digital. Your SCSW subscription includes free access to all the articles from the last 15 years.


You can currently sign up for some great introductory offers.