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 Welcome to the wonderful world of momentum investing. Within our site, you will find details of our stockmarket newsletter. Our mission is to help you make the right financial decisions.

Published each year since 1998, The Momentum Investor (TMI) is an independent monthly newsletter that alerts you to outstanding investment opportunities. We look at those shares which are showing relative strength against the market and have earnings that are growing very quickly, say 25% a year and whose earnings continually surprise the City by being higher than expected.


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Remember, past performance is not an indication of future performance and you may lose some or all of the money that you invest in shares. The performance of individual companies can vary widely and some can fail. Most of the shares covered are smaller company shares which can be riskier to invest in than blue chips. This makes it even more important to invest based on good information.



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Unlike other newsletters, here at The Momentum Investor, we don't waste our time and yours watching the defectives - those poor stocks that look dirt cheap but don't seem to ever go anywhere. We encourage investors to pick strong companies in strong sectors.

A virtual portfolio based on all 24 main profiles in 2020 has so far risen by an average of 40.2%, on a mid-to-mid price basis and excluding dividends and dealing costs (as at 19/4/21). But remember, past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Here at The Momentum Investor, we like to demonstrate how to run a portfolio based on the information provided in the newsletter so we run a virtual portfolio, which runs to the same restrictions as most investors are faced with (i.e. limited funds and sales being made to free up cash for new investments)..

After almost 19 years, the original Trader Portfolio was wrapped up at the end of last year with a total gain of 518.7% (compared to the FTSE-All Share, which grew only 44.6% over the same period).

In January 2021, TMI Trader Portfolio 2 was launched. More than half the capital has been invested in the first few months and the portfolio is off to an exciting start.

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"The Momentum Investor is easily the best newsletter I have seen in the last 15 years."
D.C. Leeds

"My gains from Photo-Me and Mayborn effectively underwrite my TMI subscription for life!"
P.MG. Northants

I am a retail investor, whose successful ongoing clawback from a quite substantial post-bubble loss is almost entirely imputable to your excellent leader of the pack publication. My subscription to TMI has been, in itself, a gold-plated investment. Thank you!"
R. W. Millport

"Been investing for 40+ years with success. Have tried 6/8 newsletters in that time but Momentum Investor during my two years as a subscriber has been number 1, by far and away. Keep up the excellent work."
T.K. Orpington

"I have been a subscriber since 1999 and produced some very nice gains as a result - thank you very much."
J.D. Staffs

"Made £33,235 on my very first TMI investment... Renewal enclosed, I look forward to receiving the issue each month"
M.K. Staffs

"A 'must-read' newsletter with a 'gold mine' of new recommendations and updates which are refreshing and supportive"
A.T. Hants

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