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TMI Trader Portfolio

Here at The Momentum Investor, we like to demonstrate how to run a portfolio based on the information provided in the newsletter. This is why we run the TMI Trader Portfolio, a virtual portfolio with starting capital of £100,000, which runs to the same restrictions as most investors are faced with (i.e. limited funds and sales being made to free up cash for new investments).

The rules are simple; no stock joins the portfolio unless it is profiled in the newsletter and just to be conservative, it doesn’t include any dividend income but does include dealing commissions.

After almost 19 years, the original Trader Portfolio was wrapped up at the end of 2020 with a total gain of 518.7% (compared to the FTSE-All Share, which grew only 44.6% over the same period). This was an excellent result but ultimately we had become a victim of our own success because cash had racked up to over £300,000 and in the real world, investors’ resources are more limited. 




TMI Trader Portfolio 1









FTSE All-Share

TMI Trader Portfolio 2...
Because we wanted our portfolio to simulate how a private investor can best use the newsletter (it’s unrealistic to invest in every one of the 50-60 ideas we write about each year), we decided to launch TMI Trader Portfolio 2 for 2021, again with a starting capital of £100,000. This portfolio is more relevant for our subscribers and the plan this time is to take a more aggressive stance on investing.
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