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Frequently Asked Questions

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How good is your record?
Excellent. The average performance of our main profiles included in the newsletter from 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2014, a virtual portfolio made up of 155 main profiles, is 33.6% (as at 8/10/15 - the October '15 issue publish date). Meanwhile, our virtual Trader Portfolio has increased 496% since inception in 2002 (as at 8/10/15).  

Is your system effective in difficult markets as well as in the good times?
Yes. There is always a hard core of companies which will do well come rain or shine and our methods are well suited to identifying them.

What does a typical issue include? (Click here to download a sample copy)
TMI is edited by Richard Welby who has been editor since 1999. The format includes two main company profiles, where we publish in-depth research, usually including information gleaned from one-to-one meetings with management. We also publish several shorter "Xpress" and "Focus on New Issue"
These are backed up by a comprehensive updates section, which provides news, analysis and the latest forecasts on companies covered previously. Given the fact that most investors only have a finite amount of money to invest, we also run a paper-based Trader Portfolio into which we buy the "best of the best" of the shares we cover.

What exactly do I get when I subscribe?
Not only do you get the newsletter delivered to your doorstep every month and free access to every issue on our website but you will also receive a complimentary copy of the most recent issue as part of your welcome pack.  

Can you briefly explain what momentum investing is?
Momentum investors buy stocks that have "momentum" - companies that are improving at a faster rate than the market expects. These stocks exhibit very high relative strength, i.e. their price performance is better than all other stocks over the past 12 months.

Why is momentum investing more effective than any other system?
As momentum stocks are growing so quickly, they frequently announce more positive news than those which had been priced in by investors. This typically causes analysts to react by upgrading their profit and earnings forecasts which, in turn, often pushes the shares up further still. Momentum investing is the only system which provides investors with the discipline to stick with strong stocks and also to avoid and / or weed out the weaker shares from their portfolio - i.e. to run the winners and cut the losers.  

What criteria do you use to select a stock?
Our criteria includes: excellent annual growth rates, strong and consistent earnings growth, high relative strength, high ROE and a presence in a "leading" sector which itself is growing strongly. 

Will you cover when a good time to sell is?
Yes. This is frequently when the company has reached a natural break in its growth cycle and the share price has topped. Rest assured, the Momentum Investor provides continuous reviews and also a stop-loss system to help protect most of your gains and / or cut losses before they become too heavy. 

What sectors and what size companies do you cover?
Momentum investing is an extremely flexible system. We cover all sectors (with a particular focus on those which are performing well) and we cover companies of all sizes from FTSE-100 and FTSE-250 down to small caps and AIM stocks.

Can you recommend a broker?
It is not part of our company policy to recommend a broker. One of the newsletter's main strengths is that it is totally independent and recommending a specific stockbroker would weaken this strength. We believe it is up to the investor to pick a broker that suits them. We suggest you get a list of brokers from the Stock Exchange (020 7797 1000).

Do you have to be an expert to benefit from The Momentum Investor?
No. TMI is written for everybody from the most experienced investors down to those who are just starting out.  

If we don't like it, can we cancel?
If after subscribing at the first year discounted rate you decide The Momentum Investor is not the newsletter for you, just write in to our support team and let them know that you don't wish to renew. Please note -when you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will not be immediate, but will take effect from the end of your current paid for period.

I've seen a couple of stock market newsletters around. Why should I pick yours?
Simply because our momentum investing philosophy consistently outperforms the market by a wide margin and produces superb results year in, year out. For example, the average performance of our main company profiles included in the newsletter from 1st January 2010 to 31st Decemer 2014, a virtual portfolio made up of 155 main profiles, is 33.6% (as at 8/10/15 - the November '15 issue publish date). Meanwhile, since its inception in 2002, our virtual Trader Portfolio has increased 496% (as at 8/10/15) versus the FTSE-All Share, which is up 37%. In other words, the Trader Portfolio has performed almost 13x better than the FTSE-All Share.

Get the full picture. To access RECENT COMPANY PROFILES you can JOIN RIGHT NOW
You'll get the next 12 months issues plus INSTANT ACCESS to over 600 full articles!