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Authoritative Independent Monthly Share Selections using Technical & Fundamental Analysis

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Suitable for Beginners and Old Hands Alike

Whether you've just started investing or are an experienced shareholder, The Momentum Investor is for you. Written in clear, simple language, if you're a beginner, we'll help you avoid costly mistakes; if you're an old hand, we'll provide you with some useful insights and we hope to improve your stockpicking success rate.

You Decide - Blue Chips or Smaller Companies

The Momentum Investor applies its selection criteria equally successfully to the blue-chip categories of FTSE-100 and Mid-250 stocks, to FTSE SmallCap stocks and even to the Fledgling Index and AIM stocks. Using The Momentum Investor as your reference, you can decide whether you want to build a safety-first portfolio of leading shares or achieve a more aggressive balance of risk-reward with smaller companies.

Advantages That Will Benefit You

The Momentum Investor has distinct technical and psychological advantages over approaches used by other investment publications.

In particular, it:


  • identifies the strongest stocks, even in slow or volatile markets
  • accustoms you to monitoring performance continually, so that you make periodic checks on your portfolio and take any action necessary
  • gives you the staying power to stick with strong stocks for years, rather than selling simply because you have profit
  • helps to detect weaknesses before they become to damaging
  • above all, trains you to sell weak underperforming shares and concentrate your attention and effort on winners



The Momentum Investor Subscription: Here's what you get!

Regular 1-yr. rate: £159.50 Your Introductory Discounted Rate: £129.50/year Your savings on one-year: 19%
Item Description Amount
001 12 months of our best new investment ideas across the stock market delivered in hard copy each month (approx. 24 main recommendations plus our smaller xpress recommendations).  Save £30.00
002 A complimentary copy of last month's issue


003 Clear, to-the-point regular monthly updates Included
004 The TMI Trader Portfolio guidance to help you build a market-topping portfolio Included
005 Access to all our past investment selections online, most of which remain attactive. After you read one or two issues, you will quickly see where we stand on every stock we follow Included




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