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There are always some stocks that manage to stage a strong performance, even in weak or volatile markets. But how can you spot such opportunities early enough to really profit from them?

Introducing The Momentum Investor

Investors don't buy the market, they buy companies - and that is precisely what The Momentum Investor is all about - companies.

Every month, The Momentum Investor gives you detailed analysis of individual shares to buy (and why) and also looks at when to sell. We believe shares that fulfil our certain exacting criteria are very likely to outperform the market.


For us, 15% or 20% returns in a year's time aren't worth talking about. Instead, we seek out stocks with the potential to double or triple within a few months. Our strategy has a distinct focus on relative strength and an upward momentum trend.

Over the past 18 years, The Momentum Investor has built its reputation on the quality of its research and has a proven track record of outstanding performance. So much so, that it is now essential reading among both professional and private investors. More telling, however, is the undeniable fact that the shares it covers have consistently outperformed the FTSE All-share and those recommended by financial specialists in national newspapers.

The Momentum Trading System: Our virtual TMI Trader Portfolio is currently showing a gain of 574% (as at February 2020 issue publish date). This is a significant outperformance over the FTSE-100, the FTSE-All Share and the FTSE Small Cap Indices.

Why invest in momentum stocks? Momentum investing is about investing in companies that are growing faster than most investors realise. The methods we use to unearth the stockmarket stars apply equally well to FTSE-100 stocks and small company shares alike, and even work in uncertain markets.

Every day, the stockmarket is piecing together thousands of items of information about any given company in the form of buy and sell orders. Sooner or later, this process starts a momentum trend and becomes the first indication of a change in that company's fortunes. The study of these changes, and hence of stock trends, is called momentum investing.

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