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TMI Trader Portfolio

The TMI Trader Portfolio is a virtual portfolio, which was launched on 25 March 2002 with starting capital of £100,000. As at 4/10/18 (November '18 issue publish date), it is showing a gain of 611% on a mid-to-mid price basis (including dealing costs but excluding dividends) compared to the FTSE-All Share, which is showing a gain of 60% over the same period. Remember, however, that past performance is not a guide to future success.

But don't just take our word for it, ask your broker to run a check on our performance. Because quite simply our numbers can't lie, exaggerate or massage away poor performances. They simply speak for themselves.

Portfolio Rules

The rules are very simple; no stock joins the Trader Portfolio unless it has been profiled in the newsletter and just to be conservative, we don't include any dividend income but we do include dealing commissions.

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